Why an air conditioner doesn’t seem to produce cold air?

There are two sections within the system of air conditioning unit. There is the indoor fan coil and then the outdoor condenser. The one that acts as a blower that dissipates cooling generated by the outdoor condenser is the indoor fan coil. If there is no cold air blowing from the indoor fan coil, the outdoor condenser might have problems that prevent it from working. A qualified technician can take a look at the problem and furthermore fix the problem.

Why does the air conditioner leak water?

Nomally, air conditioner has water condensate within indoor fan coil and it will be discharged through the draining pipe to the closest drain. When an air conditioner starts to leak water, that means the drainage piping is clogged or blocked. In order to solve this matter, hiring general air conditioner service is a good thing because it commonly involves vacuuming the drain pipe which can rectify the clogged pipe.

The air conditioner has been run for hours but why the room isn’t cold enough?

For this condition, there are several possibilities:
1. The capacity of air conditioner set for a room is too small.
2. Dirty indoor fan coil is causing the weak dissipation of cool air.
3. There is not enough refrigerant within the air conditioning system.
4. Dirty outdoor condenser is causing problem in producing cooling refrigerant.
5. Air conditioning system might have problem that causes the non-continuous operation of air conditioner.
6. The desired temperature is too high for the air conditioner.

Why air conditioner doesn’t seem to work?

Electrical power that is not properly supplied known as one of the common reasons of air conditioner doesn’t work. Try to perfume an initial check on the power panel by your own. Make sure whether there is a problem to it or not. After confirming a problem, asking help of qualified technician to fix the problem can be done.

Does regular service and maintenance of air conditioner have give benefits?

The answer will be yes and the followings are those benefits:
1. Cooler temperature from an air conditioner that works better.
2. Lower energy consumption.
3. Leaking of air conditioning water will be minimized.
4. Less possibility to need a repair.
5. Lifespan of air conditioning system will become longer.

How frequent should I service the air conditioner?

Checking and maintaining (servicing) residential air conditioner are suggested to be done in every three months while the commercial air conditioner needs to be checked and maintained every month. Environmental factors as well as usage pattern will affect the need to check the air conditioner.  It is better to seek for assessment from the qualified technician.

Will I be able to do maintenance of air conditioner by myself?

Doing the basic maintenance will be a helpful thing and recommended to be done. Try to clean the air filter and the outer panel of air conditioner once in two weeks. It will be helpful in improving air conditioner.

Why are a lot of noises coming out of the air conditioner?

Noises are usually coming out from several problems. Those problems are:
1. Faulty parts of the air conditioner.
2. Loose mounting of particular components.
3. Dirty fan coil causing noisy draft.
4. Dirty fan coil or outdoor condenser causing vibration noise.

Why is the air coming out of air conditioner smells bad?

Within the dark and humid environment of the indoor fan coil unit, there are bacteria formed by microbes that become the source of this smell. The smell can be very bad that you need to get intensive chemical treatment in order to take care of it.

Why is chemical washing or cleaning necessary for the air conditioner?

Chemical washing is one very effective and thorough way of cleaning the entire air conditioner. When the air conditioner is clogged very badly and the general service can’t help to solve the problem, thorough cleaning will be necessary. In this process, the parts of air conditioner will be dismantled and washed chemically.

Why dismantling fan coil is necessary? Why not inserting water tray to wash away the chemical?

Every component will be washed thoroughly by dismantling the fan coil. The components will be cleaner as well as not leaving chemical residue that might trigger corrosion of fan coil.

What types of air conditioner that will be serviced by your company?

We are providing services for variety types of air conditioner such as:
1. Casement air conditioner
2. Commercial air conditioner (Daikin VR system)
3. Residential air conditioner
4. Window air conditioner

What kind of services that will be provided by your company?

We are providing a wide range of air conditioner services those include:
1. Air conditioning system installation
2. Service or maintenance of air conditioner
3. Air conditioner repair
4. Advice and evaluation
5. Chemical overhaul, cleaning/flushing
6. Please feel free to refer to our services for further information.

What should I look or search when hiring an air conditioner contractor or company?

When hiring a company or contractor of air conditioner, always try to find the reliable and very well established one. Try to find out about it through their profiles, experience as well as the after service warranty. Try to also check customer reviews or testimonials (if there’s any).

If there is an air conditioner leaking refrigerant gas, what should be done?

If this happens, asking help from a trained technician will be recommended. There is a series of procedures to be done from pressure testing to pinpoint the leakage and then repair the leakage. Upon the completion of the repair, the right amount of the refrigerant gas will need to be added.

What is the benefit of using Air Purifying Filter and just how frequent do we need to change or replace it?

Most of the newer models of air conditioner come with air purifying filter already included. This filter is useful to get rid of the smoking scent, human smell, harmful particles as well as impurities found in the air of particular room or space. The recommendation air purifying filter replacement is every three to six months or when the color of the filter changed from white to dark brown or black. Don’t let the air purifying filter dirty as it affects the cooling performance of air conditioner.

Is it necessary to check and service the condenser and how often should it be done?

Condenser on the outdoor air conditioning unit must be properly checked and maintained at least once in a year. It is necessary in order to ensure of nothing blocks the air circulation. Blockage in air circulation will affect the efficiency of cooling and electrical consumption as well as making the lifespan of the compressor shorter. Sometimes, due to the particular condition, the condenser needs to be checked by qualified technician.

Why does ice forming on copper pipes of condenser?

The ice happens because of two reasons. If it happens on discharged pipe, then it is caused by the insufficient gas within the system. If it happens on suction pipe, the fan coil or filter might be dirty or the indoor unit blower is not working (not rotating at all).

Why does an air conditioner switch on and then switches off on its own?

There must be a problem on the indoor electric circuit board. The circuit board is controlling the operation of indoor fan coil. If it is damaged, it will lose control over the operational of an air conditioning unit. Repairing or even replacing the circuit board will be necessary.

Why does an air conditioner turn off on its own while the indicator light is flashing?

Flashing indicator light is a sign of problem within the air conditioning system. Therefore, the air conditioner switches off on its own. A qualified technician will be needed in order to diagnose as well as to repair the problem properly. Don’t ever try to reset the electrical power in order to get the air conditioner working temporarily. The forced operational of air conditioner will make the condition worse and even damage the unit.

Why can’t I switch on the air conditioner with remote control?

The problem might be in the indoor printed circuit board or in the remote control. Try to check the remote control first on other fan coil. If it works, then the problem is in the printed circuit board. When this happens, you need to get help from the qualified technician to do the fix.

What is pressure testing and why it is necessary?

An air conditioner will need to get addition of refrigerant gas from time to time. Something like the leaking of refrigerant gas is something that might happen in the system. In order to find out about it, the pressure testing needs to be done. This test will also be helpful in pinpointing the location of leakage and how severe it is. When an air conditioner is identified as suffering a leak, a further repair will be necessary to be done.

Can a printed circuit board (PCB) with particular problem being repaired instead of being replaced with a new one?

In most cases, the printed circuit board of an air conditioner can be repaired properly. There are many companies with lack of knowledge as well as unwilling to put effort and spend time on the repair and test to the circuit board. Repairing the PCB certainly takes more time compare to merely replacing the PCB with the new one. However, printed circuit board is more expensive and thus repairing is actually a good choice. Amongst a few companies of air conditioner repair that can perform a repair on printed circuit board, we are one that can be chosen. We have commitment to help or customers saving some money.
We have successfully repaired several fan coil circuit board of Toshiba for the model of RAS-10UK; RAS-10SK; RAS-10NK those are known to be no longer in production. We has also succeed in repairing other circuit boards from air conditioners of famous brands such as Daikin, LG, Mitsubishi, Panasonic, Sanyo and others.

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